Saturday, April 16, 2011

A sick Saturday

Adam has been sick the last few days from his allergies. So I of course got sick also. I've had a earache for the last couple of days. Go figure..hey I should be too old for a earache.Or so you would think. I can remember having earache when I was a kid. My mom would warm the bottle of sweet oil on the heater and pour abit into my ear. Who knows if it worked but it did make it feel better at the time. Do they even have sweet oil anymore?

I bought my Harry Potter 7 movie yesterday. I'm on my second time watching it. It
is excellant. I watch it as I craft in my favorite room-  My Craft Studio. I love going in and
shutting the door. I craft and watch movies. No better place in my house.

I'll have to do a room tour. This photo shows a tiny part of my happy place.


  1. Oi Sonya
    sou sua parceira troquinha ATC C,
    Ana - Brazil
    (lingua portuguesa)